Quality Policy

ORI MARTIN S.p.a. - Brescia
The quality policy reflects the goal of the Brescia plant to pursue qualitative excellence.
The attention to the needs and interests of the stakeholders, the continuous evolution and customer satisfaction are closely linked to the daily activities carried out by each worker, following a sustainable knowledge of quality.

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Environment and Safety Policy

ORI MARTIN S.p.a. - Brescia
Ori Martin has always considered the protection of workers' health and environment as fundamental principles for conducting its activities, ensuring a correct balance between social responsibility and industrial development...

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RIR Policy

ORI MARTIN S.p.a. - Brescia
Brescia plant is subject to the obligations of art. 13 and 14 of Legislative Decree 105/15 (lower threshold plant) for the production and storage of fume dust powders.
The "Manifesto of company policy on the prevention of major accidents", specifies the objectives that the Company intends to pursue in the field of prevention and control of accidents relevant to the protection of human health (workers, population), the environment and goods.

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