The environmental

Respect for the environment around us is the result of an investment in knowledge that arises from learning the basic rules. For this reason we invest in specific environmental training courses to raise awareness and empower our operators on an increasingly important issue.



Ori Martin care as much for the external environment as for the internal one, and have always considered this as an important part of the company's mission. For this reason we are following an internal policy for the reduction of any external environmental impact. This policy has been followed with investments linked with the protection of the environment of about 20% of the total investments of the last years. Among these, the last in chronological order, is the installation of the I-Recovery System® system to recover heat from the smelting furnace and transform it into steam for district heating and electricity.



The company participates in the consortium RAMET (environmental Searches for metallurgy) which brings together  Local companies and promote studies and research to assess the impact of production activities on the secondary metallurgy and working environments in the area. 

The companies in the consortium are equipped with the best technologies available on themarket to achieve the minimization of the impacts of their production on the environment and to monitor with precision and continuity emissions by allocating significant investmentsin the environmental field. For this reason, companies have engaged on two fronts: 

A 50% reduction from 10 to 5 milligrams per cubic meter. 

A reduction of 80% from 0.5 to 0.1 nanograms per m³.


Our ongoing internal policy of continuous care and correct managing of environmental issues, enabled us to achieve in 2002 the first ISO 14001 certification in Italy in the electro -steel producer sector.

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