Cold drawn bars

Cold drawn bars are cold finished products achieved by the cold deformation of the wire rod through a die that reduces the diameter and after various controls are cut into the length required. This process achieves the calibration of the wire into the diameter required. We can obtain wire in a wide range of diameters, the mechanical characteristics increase depending on the reduction carried out.

Diameter Range: 
14 - 36 mm
h9 or higher
3000 - 8000 mm
Bundle weight: 
1 - 3 ton
fixed with metal stripe or with juta wrapping on request.

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Coil unwinding

The coil is placed on an appropriate support and prepared for processing.


The sand-blasting process is used to descale the surface and prepare the rolled product for the drawing phase.

Coil-bar drawing machine

The drawing operation occurs by feeding the strip through a hard metal die, lubricated with suitable oil, that reduces its cross-sectional dimensions by way of crushing and traction. The wire is driven by a system of clamps that open and close in an alternating manner, so that dragging occurs at constant speed.

Bar shearing to size

A shear cuts to size the bars which are then gathered for being packed.


Two opposite rollers straighten the drawn bar by controlled deformation and prepare it for the sectioning phase.


Induced-current non-destructive tests are carried out for verifying the surface soundness of the drawn elements.

Drawn bars warehouse

The drawn and packed bars are stored in the warehouse ready for being shipped to the customer.

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