Peeled bars

Peeled bars are obtained by removing the "skin" of the bar with a special tool; after peeling we carry out straightening and controls on the bars to avoid any defects going to the client. All peeling lines are equipped with eddy current controls.

Diameter Range: 
10-80 mm
h9 or higher
1700 - 8000 mm
Bundle weight: 
1 - 3 ton
Fixed with metal stripe or with juta wrapping on request.
Wooden box on request.

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Straightened bars warehouse

The straightened and checked bars are picked from the warehouse and prepared for peeling.

Bar peeling

The peeling machine is equipped with a bladed tool that rotates around the advancing bar to remove its surface entirely.


Two opposite rollers straighten the drawn bar by controlled deformation and prepare it for the sectioning phase.

Non-destructive checks

Induced-current non-destructive tests are carried out for verifying the surface soundness of the peeled elements.

Peeled bars warehouse

The straightened and checked peeled bars are prepared for shipment and stored in the warehouse.

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