Spring wire

Drawn wire medium – high carbon for mechanical spring applications

Drawn wire is produced in the SLM facility for medium to high carbon springs for applications in the mechanical spring sector. 

Diameter Range: 
1,30 - 4 mm
500 - 1000kg
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Pickled wire rod

After its surface is descaled by the chemical pickling process, the wire rod is prepared for the drawing phase.


In the drawing phase, the wire driven from the reel passes through a soap-lubricated die that reduces its diameter by way of compression and stretching. The multi-stage drawing machines are equipped with 9/11 dies and reels in line, and allow for significantly reducing the wire diameter.

Winding on pay-offs

Once drawn, the wire is wound on reels or pay-offs and arranged for sale.

Bright steel engineering steel grades for automotive and mechanical industry