2 & 3 Wire Strand


Established in 1963, Siderurgica Latina Martin focuses on manufacturing PC Strand (2 & 3 wires)  in accordance with the most recognized international standards.

Siderurgica Latina Martin turns High Carbon Wire Rod into PC Strand (2 & 3 wires) through an integrated manufacturing process starting from in-house Acid Pickling & Pre-Coating, Cold Wire Drawing, Stranding, Thermo-Mechanical Process  to Rewinding & Packaging.

2 & 3 Wire Strand consists of a group of 2 & 3 high tensile strength cold drawn wires spun together in helical form over a theoretical common axis in one layer with uniform pitch.

2 & 3 Wire Strand is  widely used in precast concrete elements and concrete poles.


Additional  configurations of 2 & 3 wire  PC Strand  can be produced on demand

Diameter Range: 
2-wires: 4,50 mm | 3-wires: 4,85 mm to 8,60 mm
Tensile Strength Range: 
1770 Mpa to 2160 Mpa
Coil Weight: 
190 kg to 3.000 kg

Siderurgica Latina Martin

Via Oger Martin 21
03024 Ceprano FR
Phone: +39 0775 91991
Fax Number: +39 0775 9199222

Via Oger Martin 21
03024 Ceprano FR
Phone: +39 0775 91991
Fax Number: +39 0775 9199222


The wire rod is descaled in order to remove the mill scale present on its surface through a chemical descaling process (Pickling) and then it is pre-coated with carrier coating to facilitate the adherence of lubricant during the wire drawing process.

Cold Drawing

The wire rod is cold drawn through dry drawing machines equipped with a series of 9/11 lubricated dies that reduce its cross sectional area and allow to achieve the desired mechanical properties.

Winding of drawn wire into spools

The cold drawn wire is wound into spools.

Spools Unwinding

The set of 2 or 3 spools are placed into stranding machines to be synchronously unwound and stranded.


The stranding machines wind the drawn wires into a 7-wire strand which consists of a central wire around which are helically spun six wires, in one layer and with uniform pitch.

Thermo-mechanical treatment

The drawn wire is subjected to a thermo.mechanical process in which the wire is continuously heated while under tension in order to relieve the residual drawing stresses and reduce losses.

Winding of strand into master coil

The strand is wound into a master coil.

Master coil rewinding and coiling

Master coil is rewound into single finished coils of strand of desired size and packaging.

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