Scrap logistics

Collecting and scrap trade


AOM rottami take operate in the field of the collecting, treatments and trade of various metal scrap:


Iron Base      Non iron base  
Steel Stainless Steel
Pig iron Aluminium


We are equipped with authorisation for the collecting and transport:

- Albo Nazionale Gestori Ambientali Sezione Regionale della Lombardia registration n° : MI03515 cat 2B

- Albo Nazionale Gestori Ambientali registration n ° 13848/7 day 11/ 05/2007


Official authorizations and quality certificates are available in the ‘Download Area'


Scrap consists of swarf produced by companies that process metals to produce bolts and screws, drawn, turned, forged and milled parts, and companies specialising in demolitions in general. Swarf is collected in boxes and picked using appropriate equipment.


The metal scrap is sorted in the storage area and selected based on the CECA classification; to this aim, self-propelling tracked or wheeled loaders are used, or the scrap is sorted manually then placed in heaps.

Shear baling

The size batches of scrap metal is reduced using shear balers, loaded onto a self-propelled crane located outside the sheds, which allow for compressing and cutting the material in pieces of suitable size.


Scrap ready for the furnace is stored in heaps in the relevant areas and is subsequently loaded on vehicles for shipment to its final destination.

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