The investments

In just the last 6 (six) years ORI Martin has invested over 100 million Euro in the continuous improvement in quality of products and processes. Great attention is paid to the development of eco-sustainable production with the adoption of the best and most innovative technical solutions. Careful planning of the medium-long term investments allows us to present a technologically advanced company. 


2016 I-Recovery System®

         Installation of the I-Recovery System® to recover heat from the smelting furnace and transform it into steam for district heating and electricity.


2015 ND bars

        Installation of a new eddy-current system.

        Installation of a new ultrasonic testing system. 


2015 Rolling mill

          Installation of a new billet labelling system (QR code). 


2015 Steel mill

         Full soundproofing of the steel mill cannons.       


2014/2015 Rolling Mill

        Installation of a new billet reheating furnace with movable side members.



         Revamped the roughing mill​.


2014 Heat treatments

         Installation of new Ebner furnaces to anneal rolls in a controlled atmosphere.     


2012 Melting shop 

         Building new soundproof shed in waste management building 


2012 Melting shop

         New automation EAF